Welcome to ecoloop.

The new patented innovation for the conversion of waste materials into gas.

About us

ecoloop technology

ecoloop is the first technology for the production of gas from waste materials that can replace fossil fuels on an industrial scale in an economical, ecological and efficient manner!


ecoloop for companies

In many industrial processes, expensive primary energy sources such as natural gas are used. At the same time waste materials are generated whose disposal is expensive. ecoloop, for example, produces syngas from old timber or plastics to be used as an alternative energy source.


ecoloop for municipalities

Transition to alternative energies, climate protection, conservation of resources and recycling are all catchwords describing ecological and economical municipal policies. ecoloop is the environmentally friendly alternative for municipalities that utilises non-recyclable waste materials and sewage sludge.


Two innovation awards for ecoloop

ecoloop has been awarded two renowned prizes for its pioneering and environmentally-friendly recycling and energy supply concept. The company placed first in the category “Most innovative product development“ for the Hugo Junkers Innovation Prize of Saxony-Anhalt.

For the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment, which is awarded by the German Ministry of the Environment and the Federation German Industry, ecoloop won in the category "Process innovations for climate protection”.


Investment and return

The investments are less than 1 million € per MW of thermal output and less than 2.5 million € per MW of electrical output.


Energy efficiency

ecoloop syngas replaces fossil fuels, provides for a local gas and power supply and offers a cost-efficient energy supply. The thermal efficiency is 80 percent.


Recycling efficiency

For many material flows, ecoloop offers one of the most economical recycling alternatives saving the costs for disposal.


Protection of the environment and resources

“ecoloop has brought up an excellent idea that helps to master the transition to alternative energies.“
Philipp Rösler, Federal Minister of Economics a.D.