Gasification unit

Inside the gasification unit the waste materials are mixed with crude lime and converted in an environmentally-friendly way into syngas on a bulk material moving bed by a chemical-thermal gas production process. The remaining ash and harmful substances contained in it are bound to the lime and then separated from the coarse lime as fine material after their heat has been recovered. The coarse lime can then be again used in the gasification unit as part of the bulk material moving bed.

Gas cleaning

Inside the gas cleaning unit the raw syngas is freed from flue dust via a hot gas filter and then cooled down to room temperature. This results in a pure syngas, which can then be used thermally even in high-temperature processes, for example, as a substitute of natural gas. Alternatively, the syngas can also be used for material applications, for example, for the production of methanol or hydro carbons.

Power generation

The generation of power is yet another use of syngas, which can be converted into power in highly efficient gas engines. The waste heat of the engine can additionally be used as steam and hot water for thermal processes.

Control station

The central monitoring and control of the gas production process takes place inside the control station using a state-of-the-art process control system. The process is highly automated and meets the highest requirements on occupational safety and plant safety.


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