When creating sustainable values for our customers we already rely on partnerships that strengthen ecoloop in an optimum way.

For the professional realisation of ecoloop plants we develop long-term partnerships with internationally leading engineering firms that in addition to the construction of the ecoloop plants also allow for contracting solutions. That means that our customers can get ecoloop from one source and will be able to fall back on the best possible experience when the technology is implemented.

One of the great strengths of ecoloop is its input flexibility. In order to take full advantage of this strength we expand our network with material flow owners to ensure the availability of the most interesting material flows. It allows us to be flexible so that we can economically and technologically make the best use of the ecoloop plants in case of changing markets.

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Following the technical approval by Projektträger Jülich, the body running the project and overseeing research and innovation funding programmes in the areas of bio-technology, energy and material technologies, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology funded ecoloop with 4.5 million euros. The innovative, sustainable technology already enjoys widespread support on the federal level.

“ecoloop has brought up an excellent idea about how resources can be conserved and new processes be developed. This will help to master the transition to alternative energies. This is commendable and we need more of this.“
Philipp Rösler, Federal Minister of Economics a.D.

ecoloop is supported by the Technical University of Clausthal and both work closely together.