energy efficiency

ecoloop stands for an environmentally friendly, sustainable energy supply and offers numerous advantages compared with the familiar RDF technologies and renewable energies:

  • ecoloop delivers alternative energy
  • ecoloop produces high-quality syngas from waste materials significantly below the current gas price levels thus conserving fossil fuels and is already very economical at the current market prices.
  • The ecoloop technology is characterised by its high energy efficiency: the thermal efficiency of the plant is more than 80 percent. This means that even in case of difficult to handle input materials the heat value can be used to more than four fifth in form of purified syngas in low and high temperature processes but it can also be used for the conversion into power.
  • In addition to the traditional power generation via steam turbines, the syngas also allows for a more efficient power generation by using modular gas engines.
  • ecoloop syngas is cheaper than fossil fuels and cheaper than power generated from other sustainable energy generation applications.
  • Thanks to the multi-functional, economical energy generated from sustainable resources, ecoloop makes an important contribution to the transition to alternative energies.

Recycling efficiency

ecoloop saves the disposal costs for many fields of application in the industry, for mass flow owners and municipalities that want cost-effective solutions for their waste materials.

  • The input material often requires only low or no pre treatment

  • The material used requires little or no pre-treatment. No additional energy and no further material separation is therefore required.

  • ecoloop decreases the volume of waste by utilising problematic materials that otherwise had to be landfilled since an incineration would have been uneconomical or impossible.

  • By converting waste material into the raw material syngas for the chemical industry ecoloop closes recycling loops.

  • Together with owners of residuals ecoloop develops the best possible recycling processes.

  • ecoloop saves the costs for disposal.

Protection of the environment and resources

ecoloop is an environmentally-friendly process that conserves natural resources.

  • ecoloop syngas replaces fossil fuels.

  • ecoloop enables recycling of valuable materials
  • ecoloop reduces the use of controversial extraction methods such as fracking or deep sea drilling.

  • ecoloop saves CO2 thanks to a high efficiency and less need for input material.

  • The syngas is produced without any CO2-emissions; thanks to the lime that binds harmful substances there is no uncontrolled pollution.

  • ecoloop acts as a pollutant sink.

Investment and return

An investment in ecoloop means a higher return at lower costs.

  • An investment in ecoloop is an investment in the future and environmental protection.

  • ecoloop provides a reliable, cost-effective energy supply independent of the energy market.

  • ecoloop stands for a high efficiency due to reduced energy and disposal costs, a more favourable CO2-balance and increased profitability.

  • ecoloop offers its customers excellent financial KPIs.

  • ecoloop solves individual tasks thanks to reliable partners with a first-class know-how.


During the presentation of the
innovation prize:

Prof. Dr. Brigitta Wolff,
Roland Möller (CEO ecoloop)


Norbert Röttgen

Dr. Herbert F. Müller-Roden

Leonhard Baumann

Roland Möller


Hugo Junkers Innovation Award

In December 2012, ecoloop was awarded the Hugo Junkers Innovation Award of Saxony-Anhalt and won the € 10,000 first prize in the category “Most innovative product development“. The prize was presented by the State Minister of Science and Economic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Brigitta Wolff. Since 1990, the prize is awarded every two years to those companies that create new products, processes or services with unconventional ideas.

German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment

 In January 2012, ecoloop was awarded the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment, which is awarded by the Federal Environment Ministry and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (Federal Association of German Industry). Rewarded are those processes and products that help to protect the environment and the climate. ecoloop won in the category “Process innovations for climate protection.“ The scientific evaluation was carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI in Karlsruhe.

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