For companies

ecoloop developed the first alpha plant with a thermal output of 32 MW for transforming different plastic containing waste materials into clean syngas – a process without exhaust gas emission.

ecoloop is going to deliver attractive solutions for generating syngas, gas and energy supply, residue disposal and CO2 Optimisation.

  • The disposal and supply solutions are characterised by lower costs, high cost efficiency and attractive gains: the production costs for syngas are considerably lower than the costs for fossil fuels, e.g.natural gas. The costs for disposal can be effectively reduced and the recycling can become more efficient.
  • For customer companies, ecoloop develops customised, economical and sustainable technology concepts that are realised in co-operation with well-known partners. Over the entire process ecoloop offers customer-oriented top services – from the engineering to the operation of the plant – as well as process adaptations according to customer specifications and a joint process optimisation.
  • In the energy mix of the industry ecoloop solutions allow for less volatile energy costs and reduced disposal costs. They allow for closed, local recycling loops.

For municipalities

ecoloop is going to enable local disposal- economically, efficiently and environmentally friendly, including efficient recycling of essential ressources like phosphor, which can be recovered out of sewage sludge.

  • ecoloop complements municipal systems such as mechanical-biological treatment plants, incineration plants and RDF plants with the recycling of problematic substances. Thanks to lower investment costs, local and environmentally friendly solutions will be possible.
  • ecoloop allows the peripheral recycling of sewage sludge. The included phosphorus is fixed to fine lime and reenters the biological circle as phosphorus-lime-fertilizer.
  • ecoloop plants reduce the overall costs of the municipal disposal of problematic waste: ecoloop reduces chlorine in waste incineration plants, spares the plant components, reduces the maintenance effort in other system components and reduces “waste tourism“.
  • ecoloop reduces emissions: In the absence of exhaust gas ecoloop does not cause any adverse effects even in the vicinity of residential areas– neither visually nor in terms of health.
  • ecoloop creates local employment, reduces the energy costs and increases the cost efficiency as well as the competitiveness of local industries – an important contribution to secure the location of businesses.

Recycling of waste materials

ecoloop produces gas from various waste materials. Therefore, it is the most economical and resource-efficient disposal and recycling option for certain materials.

  • Even problematic materials with a high heat value, or chlorine content can be recycled in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.
  • A material utilisation instead of a thermal utilisation will help to comply with mandatory utilisation rates.
  • Thanks to a material utilisation of syngas as a resource ecoloop closes recycling loops.
  • Material flow manager are able to occupy new markets with ecoloop.
  • For certain materials such as mixed waste containing PVC or PVC composite materials ecoloop provides one of the best recycling options.
  • ecoloop taps into new energy sources, which could not have been utilised energetically in an economical manner.